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Hani was born on 1980 in Aleppo and has played the Oud player and Arabic Singing since 1987. He has worked with many folk music groups and musicians in aleppo. He studied Oud and Singing with the masters Abdel-Qader Haggar and Mustafa Darwish and graduated from Aleppo Institute .hani has worked with Arabic orchestras and performed on TV with several syrian groups. He went on to study Oud at the High Institute of Music in Damascus Hani worked in the most famous places in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, London and winner Festivals of many different Award

tel : +971 50 8273474

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tarabish arabic band

SYRIAN CLASSICAL ORIENTAL BAND CONSISTING OF FIVE EXCELLENT TRADITIONAL MUSICIANS, This dynamic ensemble of talented musicians play from a wide repertoire of traditional Arabic music. Combining the sounds of the violin, qanoun, oud, tableh and daf this quintet create a distinctly typical Arabic sound which will be a fantastic addition to your event.

Each member of the group has an extensive background in the entertainment industry, and together they have appeared on numerous national TV shows and performed live at a whole host of different events. 

The group has participated in many local and Arab festivals 

                                                                                       al houra tv vedio 1      dubai tv vedio 2      al Sharjah tv vedio 3      mbc tv vedio 4

Rami was born on 1982 in Aleppo and has played the violin percussion since 1987 started his career in his mid teens, touring with such stars,

rami jahel has delighted audiences in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for five years now, playing in public and special events. Wherever he plays, a crowd forms around him, as his charismatic playing draws them closer.

One of rami's life long dreams has be able to have an arabic band that would accompany him when playing classical and popular Arabic music

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